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Dear NaMalaka, What does malaka mean?

The literal meaning of malaka is wanker or jerk off.  The common English equivalent of malaka is asshole, and malakies or malakia (the act of or the product of the noun) is bullshit.  However, depending on how the word is used, malaka has many meanings which can range from hey buddy, to… read more at or check it for yourself at or and be creative.  Na! 

What does kopanos mean?

Kopanos is another word for malaka.


Dear NaMalaka, I want to learn to speak Greek.  What other words do I really need to know to travel in Greece? Signed Xeno

Dear Xeno, you need to learn the most important and practical terms to understand Greek.  For example, if you become ill or injured in Greece you will have to go to the hospital, and you need to ask for help.  There is a special word for help that Greeks need to know in the hospital- and this word is (sachet) Fakelaki.

Here is a video on how you say Fakelaki. Click here or on the small envelope above.  Fuckelaki is an alternate spelling that Greeks use, because you can't say fakelaki if you don't say fuck.

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